About TGIF Tickets

Discover who we are, and how it all began

Our Mission

Enable all event organizers to bring people together through shared interests and passions.
It doesn’t matter whether you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets for your event. We aim to provide the best online ticketing technology that’s easy-to-use and affordable for all.

Our philosophy

Keep standards high and fees low.
We're committed to developing the best online ticketing platform for our customers whilst also keeping customer booking fees lower than all our major competitors.

Technological innovation

Digital technologies create better experiences, reduce costs and drive the speed of business. We continually look to improve upon on our quality and system structure, utilizing emerging technologies that can benefit our customer.

Our values

Helping others

We care about each one of our customers and aim to build genuine relationships. We want our customers to be able to deliver the best possible event they can. We are ready and available to assist them with any issues they may encounter, responding to them as fast as possible.

Delivering excellence

We are passionate about providing the best service we can. Conducting ourselves in a professional manner, we go the extra mile for any customer.

Our background

In early 2004 Guillaume Pajoues and Alexander McLauchlan were all directors of Beta Insurance Ltd – a leading producer of insurance comparison sites. All three were also involved with theater and the arts in one capacity or another and one day the conversation turned to the limited options for online ticketing.

There were already a range of subscription-based online box office solutions available but they were expensive and hard to use.

So the idea was born to use the same technologies that they were already applying to the insurance industry to create a free, self-service ticketing system that would give users full and instant control of their events online, while fully integrating inhouse bookings and services.